Raquel Paiva | Oh Yeah Fringe Jeans!

Posted by Twenty5A Style on

 "I was sitting on my couch, scrolling through outfits on Pinterest, when I saw these type of jeans very fringed on the hems. I didn’t know how they were called, or where to find them, I only knew that I wanted and I needed them. As most of the new trends, it was hard to find a nice affordable pair. Until the day when Twenty5A sent me their lookbook and I saw they had the exact jeans I wanted: the “cropped fringe jeans.” 

Besides getting my perfect jeans of the moment, I also chose this adorable indigo top. The sleeves on this top makes it more special and playful, perfect outfit for a happy hour in the city. Thanks Twenty5A for satisfying my jeans craving." See more from Raquel Paiva on her website.

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