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Graphic tees are the most non-basic basic there is right now. We’ve seen them dressed up during fashion week and worn casually down the streets of Soho. When we decided we wanted to do a story on the blog focusing on graphic tees, we knew which direction we wanted to go towards. Effortless and cool, just like the rockstars whose albums were on our shirts.

The Gagosian gallery made for the perfect backdrop to our dark edgy look because it was hosting Richard Serra’s Every Which Way (for future reference, the Gagosian gallery is always a safe bet to be hosting visually beautiful art installations). The gallery consisted of strategically placed concrete walls that had a rust-like effect. The gray and copper from the wall brought out the shades of black and pops of red in our outfits.

Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones were our graphic tees of choice for this shoot. The pop of red from The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album cover complimented the neutral color scheme from Fleedwood Mac’s Rumours’ album cover. We paired the graphic tees with the standard cool girl accessories: chokers and sunglasses.

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