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Nothing screams summer more than white clothes. I love this seasonal trend (ssshhh, I even think you can wear it year long) on everything from jeans, to tops, to dresses. One of my favorite white dresses for this summer, from Twenty5A, mixes this seasonal trend with the lace up trend that is still happening from fall. Give me a bohemian crochet and I’m all in!

I paired this white dress with my go-to lace up sandals. I think I need another pair of these, no? I feel like I wear these all too often, but they really match with almost everything. This dress would also be great for those late summer festivals that everyone is dying to go to… Ahem, Outside Lands. It actually might be a top contender in my list of outfits for that festival.

I wore this dress on a nice Sunday stroll through McKinley Square, a lovely hidden park in Portrero Hill. There were families barbecuing, people practicing yoga, and you guessed it… People wandering around playing Pokemon! I cannot believe how big of a sensation this game is. I might have to consider jumping on the bandwagon. After all, I did actively collect Pokemon cards back in the day. See more style inspiration from Lauren at

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